About Me

Hey, thanks for taking a moment to visit my site.

My name is De'ja-Lashay Goode and I'm a certified photographer based in Columbus, Ohio.

I first began experimenting with photography when I was freshman in high school...Now several years later, I'm studying Photography in college & still very passionate about my art. 

Besides taking photos, in my free time I enjoy performing spoken word, traveling, and making music. I recenetly released an album titled Soul Food by Vye Yung. It's out on ALL major music platforms, if you get a chance take a listen.

Ultimately my goal is to become a world renowned fashion and lifestyle photographer. Whether that be running my own business or working for a big time company, like Vogue. But in the meantime I'll continue to create and push myself in various forms of art, because I believe if you have multiple passions you should go after them all.